Initial contact → Concept plan (free of charge) → Signing a design contract (charge) → Deepening the design stage → Signing a soft-equipment supporting service contract (product contract) → Ordering, purchasing, furnishing, installation, acceptance → post-decoration service
I. Initial Contacts <br> Introduce the company, understand project information, design requirements and time schedule.
Second, the concept design stage (free of charge)
Come up with a concept plan. And can provide similar room types, similar design solutions. (3 ~ 5th) Tip: This concept plan includes floor plan, space concept and conceptual design. Reference drawings can be provided to determine style, material and color.
3. Sign a design contract (charges). See below for the charging standards.
After the concept design is confirmed by the customer, a "software design contract" is signed. The first stage design fee: 60% of the total design fee.
Fourth, deepening the design phase <br> Design fee for the second phase: deepening the design, revising and determining the final plan. After the final design of the deepening design is confirmed, the second design fee will be charged at 40% of the total design fee. Deepening design schemes according to the design contract requirements usually include: flat collocation, color scheme, curtain fabric scheme, lamp scheme, furniture scheme, ornament scheme and artwork scheme.
V. Signing of "Supporting Purchase Contract"
The budgeter issues a shopping list and budget according to the design plan, and signs the “Supply Purchase Contract”. Determine service items, determine the procurement, customization and installation time of soft-packed products.
Ordering, purchasing, furnishing, installation, acceptance <br> Designers track the furnishing, installation and acceptance of some major products according to design needs.
七 、 After-decoration service <br> Return visit tracking, warranty investigation and repair