Shanghai Oujinsi Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern company engaged in "overall soft decoration design" and "custom furniture customization". The company takes Shanghai as the center and the eastern coastal cities as the base to radiate around the axis and provide "overall soft decoration planning and design". With "custom furniture service", with more than 10 years of work and unique taste and appreciation of soft furnishings, we provide professional services for classic and high-quality soft furnishings. The company's projects are mainly concentrated in hotels, model rooms, sales Building, clubs, KTVs, bars, restaurants, villas, offices, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other areas of the overall soft assembly services, covering furniture, lamps, curtains, bedding, carpets, jewelry, hanging pictures, green plants, a total of eight categories product.

There are three design teams under the Oguns Softwear Division, which has several softcover designers and stylists with multi-national education backgrounds. As an early practitioner of "software design" and "custom furniture", the company will The entire installation process is broken down into 35 detail nodes, and the entire process of soft decoration design and furniture production tracking and monitoring is implemented to ensure the product quality and the final display effect of each project. We have more than 10,000 square meters of furniture custom factory in Shanghai, we have high-end lighting processing partners in the ancient town of Zhongshan, Guangdong, and many fixed suppliers in the Pearl River Delta region, such as decorative painting, ceramics, fabrics, floral plants, etc.

We create high-quality works for our customers in a professional spirit, professional technology, and high-quality services. The Oujinsi Soft Decoration Design Division is an organization full of innovation, experience and execution capabilities. "Quality, service-oriented" work philosophy, strictly control the number and quality of projects, promote the value of design and originality of design, effectively integrate modern scientific and technological civilization and Chinese traditional culture, and create an elegant and ecological livable design style.

Our aim:
Humanized product design, environmentally friendly product materials, integrated visual effects, responsible for each customer, making each customer satisfied, and making progress steadily; all colleagues of Eugens pay attention to the overall coordination, maintain an efficient and fast style, passionate and yet Elegant state; pragmatic innovation, continuous self-breakthrough, and strive to let every customer experience the meticulous service of our Oujinsi people!